Will Makers of The Midlands was established by David Raybould in 1999 and specialises in all aspects of will writing, trusts and probate services and pre-paid funeral plans. Our cost-effective services allow you to access the best possible legacy and estate planning and Inheritance Tax advice alongside qualified and associated support and guidance. We offer face-to-face appointments and will come to see you at your home or place of work, whichever is convenient.

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One thing you may worry about is how your loved ones are going to pay for your funeral when the time comes, particularly as costs are rising year on year.

But it’s a concern you don’t need to have, as you can pay for nearly all of the arrangements in advance so there will be no big financial burden for anyone in the future.

We are a representative for Safe Hands, one of the UK’s most recognised and affordable pre-paid funeral plan providers, an organisation which is committed to ensuring that our customers receive the very best advice in pre-paid funeral planning.

Buying a Safe Hands funeral plan not only enables you to fix the costs of funeral director’s fees and services, but also allows you to set out what you would like your funeral arrangements to be, something which may really help those you leave behind who could worry – or disagree – about what they should be doing for you.

There are no restrictions on current health, age, or medical history and whichever funeral plan you select, you can be assured that you’ll receive the highest standard of care.

Safe Hands offer flexible payment options, so you can choose whichever pre-payment funeral plan that suits your circumstances – either a single lump sum or spreading the cost from one to 10 years.

We understand that it’s not the easiest subject to talk through or deal with, but members of our team have years of experience in helping people choose the right pre-paid funeral plan for them.