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Christmas – a time when people think about family but have you protected yours?

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Pile of Christmas presents

It’s a quiet time of year for Will writers as people are Christmas shopping (this year much of it has had to be done online) and usually spending precious time with their families – although this year we are all feeling in limbo. Will we be able to meet in other people’s homes on December 25th?

However historically many families use the spare time to constructively plan ahead and tackle things on their to-do list that they have been planning on doing all year.

Yes, as the end of another year looms into view, the thoughts of many people are focused on their future, planning and what would happen if they could no longer make their own decisions or if they died. 


It’s time to think about making that Will

The passage of time and life events concentrates our minds in a way like nothing else and we all start to think about putting our affairs in order at some point – it’s actually doing something about it that’s the problem.

We know the reasons: There’s plenty of time, I’m just too busy, ichristmass there really any point? After all, I haven’t anything much to leave and it will be easy for my family to sort out after I’m gone, won’t it?

The fact of the matter is there may not be plenty of time. Who knows when they will die or become unable to care for themselves and leaving your family to sort out your affairs is probably not going to be as easy as you may think. 

That’s why you need to act now – it doesn’t matter what age you are, the earlier you make your Will the sooner you will have that reassurance of knowing everything is in order.  

As the festive season approaches, the next generation of the family might be very busy. People running businesses, looking after young children or living thousands of miles away. It’s a time when families often buy a Will as a gift as they know their parents will not do it otherwise. 


So think about your situation

  • Who would look after your children if you and your partner passed away? 
  • Maybe you are a single parent and want your children looked after by your best friend?  
  • Perhaps you want the donations at your funeral to go to a specific charity? 
  • What happens if you reach a point where you can no longer look after yourself?
  • What are your last wishes and how do you want your estate distributed?

None of these things can be followed in the way you want if it isn’t written down!

Making a Will can include issues like Parental Guardianship and Lasting Powers of Attorney to safeguard the future of your children and ensure your care is provided for should the need arise.

It will also ensure any donations and the distribution of your estate is made in the way you want, in simple, easy to understand language – a legally binding document which will prevent the difficulties encountered by dying intestate.


Whatever your plans and wishes seek the professional, friendly, advice of Willmakers of the West Midlands. We always act in your best interests and ensure your final wishes will be carried out in the way you want. To find out more, give us a call on 01952 305105 or 07786 548025 or email enquiries@willmakersofthemidlands.co.uk