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I have a Will bought off the shelf or the internet – can Will Makers of the Midlands help?

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Many people today are buying Wills off the shelf from a shop or the internet and completing it themselves. They see it as a cheaper, time-saving option to visiting a solicitor or employing a specialist Will writing service – but are they covered in the way they want?

The whole idea about making a Will is to ensure your wishes are respected and carried out when you are gone or no longer in a position to make decisions for yourself.

Making your own Will may seem like a good alternative – it’s easy to think that it’s simple to complete, can be done relatively quickly and won’t require paying out huge sums of money, but what if you miss something?


The bigger picture

Some people buy off-the-shelf Wills and fill in the blank spaces but don’t consider the bigger picture. It’s important to ensure you have everything covered, there are no ambiguities and your wishes are detailed in clear terms to avoid any potential difficulties when you are gone.

If you have bought a do-it-yourself Will and are wondering if it has been set out correctly and covers everything, why not seek the reassurance of professional guidance?

Our team at Willmakers of the Midlands can take a look at your Will and offer helpful advice on whether it covers all the aspects you need to include and in the way they should be included.

Even the simplest of Wills may need some adjustment to ensure they reflect your wishes without any confusion. Have you thought about trusts and guardianships for your children or setting up Powers of Attorney?

Making a Power of Attorney will ensure your wishes will continue to be carried out by someone appointed by you to take care of your finances, health and wellbeing should you become unable.

What will happen to your children if you die? You can address this in your Will by detailing your wishes for parental guardianship – plans that will ensure a secure future for your children through the care of a nominated person or persons who know and agree to your wishes.

Do you need to set up a Trust for loved ones – a way of safeguarding their future in the way you want, properly set up and legally sound, which will kick-in when the time comes.


Making the right choice

Even simple Wills need the professional eye cast over them and, remember, if your estate, assets and beneficiaries, are likely to fall into the category of inheritance tax or you have been married more than once, then you will probably need to make a more complex Will.

If you have thought about getting an off-the-shelf Will you may, on careful reflection, prefer to have your Will done professionally. We can ensure your Will is drawn up in the way you want and that nothing is left to chance – and we can come to you to do it.

In any event and whatever your needs, give us a call on 01952 305105 or 07786 548025 or email enquiries@willmakersofthemidlands.co.uk